Calwest Services can perform all types of electronic repairs on industrial electronic systems, regardless of brand, age, or function. From resoldering loose connections to fault finding industrial electronic systems, our staff have the knowledge and experience to get your machine running again. Please note – we do not repair or service consumer electronic devices.

  • Wiring and damaged plugs
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and faulty chips
  • Component and faulty soldering
  • Strain gauges

For newer equipment, parts are easily sourced and may be inexpensive to replace. However, for older equipment, it is common for printed circuit boards (PCBs) to become obsolete and irreplaceable. Calwest Services can test PCBs, identify faults, and make repairs at the component level, to avoid expensive upgrades and production time loss.

For more information on electronic repairs, call Calwest Services on (08) 9451 5070.