Data Acquisition

Calwest Services offer a complete service for your data acquisition test requirements. We sell and hire data acquisition systems (DAQ) for the recording of measurement results, as well as an extensive range of calibrated measuring instruments. All of our software is written in-house, and can be customised to meet your specific application.

Our DAQs are capable of logging data for up to 16 instruments and can measure at a wide range of speeds, from 1Hz to 1MHz. Whether you are measuring sudden impacts or conducting a month-long creep test, our DAQs can collect the data you need.

Our staff have over 20 years’ experience in conducting tests and can advise you on the best methods and equipment for a successful result. We also offer to oversee your DAQ experiment to ensure correct setup and overcome any unforeseen problems.

Whether in a laboratory or out onsite, we have the equipment and the expertise to secure your data acquisition needs.

To find out more on data acquisition testing, read our case study.