Dial Gauges

Calwest Services offer repairs and servicing of your dial gauges and displacement transducers to ensure reliable operation. We will clean and lubricate your instrument as part of our calibration service. For Mitutoyo dial gauges we offer part replacement services and more extensive repairs. Depending on damage, we can replace parts for some other brands.

If your dial gauges are damaged beyond repair, Calwest Services can supply a new gauge with a calibration certificate.

To ensure accuracy and instrument reliability, Calwest Services recommends the following preventive maintenance and usage guide:

Usage Guide
  • Clean the contact points with a lint-free cloth before each use, and check that the spindle moves freely. Dust and other contaminants can distort measurements.
  • Securely attach the instrument to a fixture that will not deflect during normal use. Movement of the fixture will alter gauge readings.
  • Affix the gauge square to the measuring face. If fixed at an angle, measurements will be inaccurate and you risk side-loading the spindle.
  • Do not apply excessive force or sideways load onto the spindle. This can move the instrument out of position, leading to inaccurate measurements, or potentially damage the spindle.
Preventive Maintenance
  • Clean the instrument after every use, to ensure free slide movement and rust prevention.
  • Do not lubricate the spindle. Instead, clean the spindle with an alcohol moistened cloth.
  • Be mindful of your work environment. If there is excessive dust, moisture, or oil, be sure to use a fully-sealed gauge.
  • When not in use, store the vernier in a dry and humid-free place, preferably in its original protective case.

For more information on dial gauge calibration and repairs, call Calwest Services on (08) 9451 5070.