Calwest Services started as a load cell / force calibration laboratory and whilst this is something we are still passionate about, we realised that clients wanted a one stop shop for calibration and service of their equipment.

As such Calwest Services has added to its calibration capabilities to ensure we are a one stop calibration and service shop for our clients. We now offer the largest range of calibrations of any laboratory in Western Australia. Our calibrations are directly traceable to the National Measurement laboratory – in every case. For many of our calibrations we can offer fully NATA endorsed reports.

We offer the lowest uncertainties in our fields of any laboratory. This means you get the most accurate calibration from Calwest Services. What does this mean for our clients? We can ensure the equipment you use is operational at the highest level the manufacturer intended.

Our mantra is not to become to biggest, but to offer genuine technical calibration services where the client gets to talk directly with the technician who is going to calibrate their equipment. Thus if you want to discuss your device or an Australian or International Standard – chances are we’ve seen it before and can advise you if your equipment meets the relevant standard or NATA FAD.

Many of our clients are in the Eastern States of Australia, we can offer a fast one or two day turn around and a simple airbag is sometimes quicker than sending your equipment across city. Thus if are in the Eastern States and you require a device calibrated and are having trouble finding a lab to calibrate your equipment or you current lab is not living up to expectations – give us a call to discuss your options.