Calibrations Inhouse

Most instrument calibrations are performed in our extensive Welshpool workshop. While load cells are calibrated on our compression and tension machines on the factory floor, all smaller items are calibrated in our temperature controlled laboratory.

Our normal turnaround period is two to three days. However, we can accommodate urgent requests and complete calibrations within 24 hours, provided our staff are in Perth. Calibrations reports will be sent out in one or two days.

We will repair minor faults as a normal part of our calibration service, but also offer a comprehensive repair service. All work is performed in-house without the use of subcontractors. If your instrument is beyond repair, we can supply you with a replacement and a calibration report, depending on the instrument.

For more information on our calibration services, explore the relevant sections on our website or call Calwest Services on (08) 9451 5070.