Calwest Services offer repairs and servicing of all brands and types of precision and industrial balances, including electromagnetic and load cell based balances. We will clean and adjust your instrument as a normal part of our calibration service. Parts are available for most balances.

After repairs and servicing and dependent on your balance requirements we calibrate your balance inhouse or for precision balances it is recommend that your balance is calibrated onsite. This will ensure the integrity of your calibration remains intact and you meet your ISO9001 requirements. Upon request, we will issue a NATA endorsed calibration report.

To ensure accuracy and instrument reliability, Calwest Services recommends the following preventive maintenance and usage guide:

Usage Guide
  • Be mindful of your work environment. Allocate a designated spot for the balance to prevent environment conditions affecting your measurement readings.
  • Avoid placing the balance next to doors or windows which may expose the balance to dust, air draughts, and temperature variations from sunlight.
  • Think about how your air conditioning creates draughts. Designate a spot that is away from outlets, or walls that may bounce the air flow onto the balance. If in doubt about a draught-free location, try placing a feather and observe how draughts affect it.
  • Keep the balance away from machinery. Vibrations from motors can affect readings. Machinery with strong magnetic or electrical fields can distort readings for electronic balances. Dust from grinders can clog the balance mechanisms, and introduce magnetised material. Mobile phones and speakers should also be kept clear.
  • Keep the balance on a sturdy, non-metallic bench that will not deflect under maximum load. Make sure the balance is level and does not rock.
  • Tare or zero check the balance before each use, and make daily single point check calibrations. If there is a significant reading variation, check and rectify any environmental conditions that could affect the balance. Repeat the check. If the balance is still unfit for use, have it serviced and recalibrated.
Preventive Maintenance
  • It is recommended that the balance is serviced and calibrated onsite, and is not moved after calibration.
  • Consider retaining the balance onto the bench to prevent accidental shifting, or being moved by an unauthorised person.
  • Regularly clean the balance pan and remove any build-up from under the balance, without moving it.
  • The designated mass should be kept in a safe location and handled carefully so as not to change its mass caused from scratches or wear.
  • If you suspect the designated mass is magnetised, use a non-metallic packer, tare, and weigh again. If there is a difference in measurements, have your designated mass demagnetised.

For more information on balance calibration and repairs, call Calwest Services on (08) 9451 5070.