Dial Gauges

Calwest Services offer calibrations for all brands of dial gauges, dial indicators, finger gauges, and displacement transducers – both digital and analogue. Depending on your needs, we can calibrate your instrument to the relevant Australian or International Standard or to the manufacturer’s specification.

We provide traceability reports for instruments up to 500mm. Upon request, we can provide a NATA endorsed calibration report for instruments up to 150mm.

Dial Gauges up to 150mm NATA endorsed calibration

Dial Gauges up to 500mm Traceable

For Construction Materials Testing (CMT) laboratories, Calwest Services can help you meet you Field and Program Application Document (FAD) requirements. Upon request, we can issue a NATA endorsed report for dial gauges and displacement transducers in accordance with AS2103. If these instruments are used in triaxial and consolidation frames, we can calibrate these instruments onsite.

For more information on your dial gauge requirements, call Calwest on (08) 9451 5070.