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Calwest Services and Loadcell Supplies are proud to say we have an extremely well qualified and stable workforce. Lina and Rachael look after the office and Menno, Bart, Phil and Wayne perform calibrations and other technically based work in the workshop.

Lina Carvalho

Lina is our office manager and the person who holds the place together for us all. Lina has been with Loadcell Supplies for 10 years and is somewhat of an institution at Loadcell Supplies. Since the addition of Calwest Services to the group Lina has added the knowledge of formal calibrations to her repertoire.

Lina knows our products inside out and all staff at Calwest Service know - Lina's the boss.

Wayne Galbraith

Wayne is the Managing Director of both Calwest Services and Loadcell Supplies. Wayne previously worked for The University of Western Australia for 16years in the capacity of technical computer programmer and NATA signatory for calibration of load cells.

Wayne has extensive experience calibrating all types of load/force devices, from 10kg up to 500 tonnes and has been calibrating load cell for around 15years as a NATA signatory. Wayne has an extensive background in electronics, control systems and data acquisition - this provides a solid understanding of load cell electronics and machine control.

Rachael Armstrong

Rachael is our NATA compliance officer and report specialist. Rachael writes all our reports and ensures compliance with all NATA requirements and Australian Standards. Rachael also ensures a bit of merriment is added to the office on a daily basis.

Rachael is our first point of call if you require advice on booking your device in for calibration, chasing a lost certificate or simply a question about compliance - give Rachael a call to discuss.

Phil Hortin

Phil is the newest member of our team and a welcome addition. Phil adds a level of Mr Fixit to our team. Phil is a qualified electronics technician and licensed electrician. Phil previous worked for The University of Western Australia where Phil was employed as a specialist electronics technician and load cell designer / strain gauge technician. Phil loves a tinker, repairing a load cell or two.

Menno Luitjens

Menno is a mechanical engineer with 10 years experience in load cells, batching systems and PLC's. Menno has rejoined Loadcell Supplies / Calwest Services after taking 4 years off work to complete his engineering degree.

Menno was instrumental in adding to Calwest Services, NATA Scope of Accreditation. Menno is responsible for our Balance calibrations, Dimensional calibrations and Pressure calibrations.

Menno's knowledge of the above devices is second to none. If you have a few questions regarding calibration of the above devices - give Menno a call to discuss

Menno's mind works best after a few strong coffees in the morning and CMC's, precision balance calibrations and a bit of FEA analysis is just another day at the office for Menno.

Bart Thompson

Bart is our workshop manager. Bart is a machinist by trade with tool making skills. Bart previously worked The University of Western Australia where he managed and operated the geotechnical centrifuge.

Originally from South Australia - Bart enjoys nothing more than a Coopers on a Friday afternoon with a chaser of Jethro Tull.