Calwest Services are proud to say we are expanding our Scope to provide a complete service to our clients. Our Scope with uncertainties is available of the NATA website.

In an edited version

Force from 10kg (100N) up to 330tonnes (3.3MN)

Balances from 1micro gram to 90kg

Vernier up to 1000mm

Micrometers (Non-NATA) up to 500mm

Pressure gauges and transducers up to 1000bar (100MPa)

Torque wrenches and torque transducers up to 1500Nm

Hardness testing machines – for Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers hardness machines. Calwest Services provide calibration for these machines. Calwest Services will also services and setup your machine and if the machine does not work correctly, we will repair and then calibrate the machine